Creating Headlines – A Digital Marketer’s Top 3 Takeaways

Take3Digital on Headlines for Digital and Content Marketing

Take3Digital on Headlines for Content and Digital Marketing

What’s the Gem?

Start with one or two words that are at the heart of your article or blog post.  What the author, Lisa Gerber, refers to as the “Hidden Gem.” Think about specifically what this is about and who it’s targeting. Then think about whether you can compete for the terms in search.

Example from article “IRA Planning”

It’s About What?

Don’t over think and try to be too creative.  Just verbally state what your article is about. Then incorporate that description into your headline.

Example from article: “Options to fund your IRA”

So What?

Ask yourself “who cares” and include the reasoning in the headline.

Example from article: “Options for funding Your Roth IRA for Better Tax-Free Growth.”



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Write Great Headlines Fast By Asking 3 Questions.
Source:, Lisa Gerber



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