3 Tweets on ROI, Social and Blogs

Take3Digital Shares Top 3 can't miss Tweets for Digital Marketers

Take3Digital Shares Top 3 can’t miss Tweets for Digital Marketers

If you didn’t have time for Twitter today, don’t worry.¬† I’ve got the top three digital marketing takeaways right here…

#1 Social Media ROI

Great new report from @MarketingSherpa which is chock full of ecommerce stats. You’ll have to fill out the form and download, but it won’t disappoint.

#2 Social Selling Touch Points

Great infographic  from @gerrymoran that covers basic etiquette of using Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, Facebook which will lead to better a better reaction from your social media friends and customers.

#3 Blog Optimization

Great blog post that offers three basic tips to make your blog better… including the following

  • Images are super important and some tools to help you with great visuals.
  • Using click-to-tweet in blog posts to increase retweets and add a nice design element.
  • Using the the best plugins to offer up related posts on your blog.




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